Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Open GLAM: The Rewards (and Some Risks) of Digital Sharing for the Public Good

Figure 1: img_japanese04, Bridgestone Museum of Art, 17.146 px/in, 2016. Fujishima Takeji, 1867-1943, Black Fan, 1908-1909, Oil on canvas, 63.7 x 42.4 cm, Bridgestone Museum of Art, Tokyo. This digital surrogate is © Bridgestone Museum of Art.

Open GLAM: The Rewards (and Some Risks) of Digital Sharing for the Public Good
by Simon Tanner

The research-led exhibition experiment Display at Your Own Risk provides an exciting opportunity to ask some fundamental questions regarding the behavioral gaps between ‘what we say’ and ‘what we do’ in regard to museum practice and with art/images. Sometimes this is driven, as the exhibition organizers point out, by the gap between institutional policies and public understanding. By selecting 100 digital surrogate images of public domain works for this exhibition and printing them to the underlying artwork’s original dimensions this exhibition poses some interesting questions.

I was very pleased to be asked to contribute to this exhibition. You can find my paper for this here: http://displayatyourownrisk.org/tanner/
It can be cited as:
Simon Tanner, Open GLAM: The Rewards (and Some Risks) of Digital Sharing for the Public Good, in Andrea Wallace and Ronan Deazley, eds, Display At Your Own Risk: An experimental exhibition of digital cultural heritage, 2016.

Display At Your Own Risk (DAYOR) is a research-led exhibition experiment featuring digital surrogates of public domain works of art produced by cultural heritage institutions of international repute. The project includes a Gallery Exhibition as well as an open source version of that exhibition intended for public use. You can find out more about the DAYOR exhibition here: http://displayatyourownrisk.org/about-dayor/

I would like to thank Andrea Wallace and Ronan Deazley for their inspiration and thoughtful peer review and editing.

I have added a Storify of the Conference and the Exhibition

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